It’s hard to be an entrepreneur and a woman

When you’re an entrepreneur and a woman, there’s a ridiculous number of things you’ve got to juggle.

Before you even start – there’s your mindset, your beliefs, and your self-image to get right.

Then you’ve got to figure out your branding and messaging. And your landing page, website, sales funnel and all your social media.

Not to mention decide what services and offers to create. And how to price those services.

Plus you’ve got to manage staff (as well as yourself). Oh, and of course…you have to be able to sell and close deals too!

Throughout all this, you’re expected to be charming, professional, and effective at all times.

This is before you even think about your family. Got a husband and kids? They’re going to demand your time, energy and attention too!

And then, if there’s any time left after all that…

…you MIGHT just get to think about some ‘me time‘. A delicious glass of wine and a warm bubble bath. Mmmm!

But how often do you get to indulge in that?

Phew…I’m exhausted typing all that.

I’ve been running various businesses for 36 years. Over the decades I’ve realized that no matter what the business, there’s a multitude of ‘cogs‘ which have to be well-oiled and well-maintained.

There’s one cog, however, that most women neglect to utilize and this is the most important one in the whole machine…the one where all the real power resides…


If you want a business that’s effortless, then you need to harness your true inherent power and build from the inside out.

Then you can:

  • Attract the perfect clients who love working with you
  • Do fulfilling work that you enjoy and are good at
  • Have plenty of free time to do other fun things
  • Eliminate stress and overwhelm
  • Have a business you love and are proud of
  • Have true power of influence
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