Beyond Breakup

A long-term relationship breakup opens a doorway to new and exciting possibilities. Are you ready to build a brighter, happier life?


The Program


We’ll uncover and untangle any mental roadblocks holding you back. You’ll learn how to release and manage anxiety, stress, and fear.


We’ll identify your natural abilities, unique voice and the life you desire. Then together we’ll design a lifestyle that’s aligned with you, your values, and your vision.


This is where you get to put your new knowledge and insights into practice. From your place of strength you’ll be able to:

  • Communicate with confidence and ease
  • Discern which people and situations are right for you
  • Manage your time, your money, and your energy effectively
  • Effortlessly move in the direction of the life you’ve envisioned
I’ll be your guide, advocate, and accountability partner all the way. My program will also equip you to easily handle any challenges that arise in the future.
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Austrian • South African • American

Entrepreneur, creator, teacher, author, and perpetual learner…with a world of experience.

My ‘superpower’ is my ability to simplify anything both on the internal (mental) and external (practical) level. 

My first thought when working with a client is always, “How can we simplify her life and make it easier in the shortest time possible?”

When you work with me you’ll benefit from my…

  • 28 years personal development study and teaching
  • Divorce, transition, and financial planning expertise
  • Skills gained from 36 years running various businesses
  • Plus I’m a geek so I’ll help you with all things tech related


I have all your bases covered. シ

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Work With Me

We’ll customize a coaching/consulting package to fit your unique situation and preferences.

One year of unlimited 15-minute laser coaching calls. On each call, we agree on homework and you must complete your homework before you schedule your next call.

Spend a full day or weekend with me to completely revamp your lifestyle from the inside out. Get it done in a day! In person or virtual.

We are planning a Radical Revamp Cruise in 2020. Contact me if interested.