Does this sound like you?

  • Have you been in business for a while but it feels like a grind?
  • Do you feel tired and exhausted a lot if not most of the time?
  • Does your life feel chaotic and out of control?
  • Do you struggle to maintain consistency and motivation?
  • Do you have ideas and goals but struggle to execute them?
  • Are you sacrificing too much of your life to make money?

If you said yes, I understand what you’re going through.

I know what it’s like to start your own business. To want to build something that can give you the freedom, income, and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Then a few years down the road, despite all your best efforts, you find yourself tired, exhausted…and disillusioned.

I’ve been there and it was a turning point. I discovered that creating a profitable business you love becomes effortless when you build it from the inside out.

Revamp Your Biz in 30 Days Special

Remove mental roadblocks, simplify your operations, optimize your tech, gain time, control, and calm in 30 days. Limited number of spots available.

Only $497

Radical Business revamp Program

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Let's transform your business into one you love

Here are some of the things we’ll be doing…

  ➢ We start by uncovering what’s really holding you back in your business (we all have blind spots)

  Identify your natural skills and abilities so that it’s easier to serve your clients and sell your products and services

  ➢ Enhance your communication, sales, and negotiation skills

   Master time management, eliminate procrastination and become super productive!

  ➢ Add relaxation techniques and activities that will increase your energy, control, calm, and confidence.

  Identify your ‘ideal’ clients and learn how to quickly discern whom to work with so that you don’t take on clients who would sap your energy

  Package your services in a way that allows you to earn more from your existing and future clients

  Get clear on where to place your focus so that you have enough time to spend on your most valuable activities

  Set up systems that can automate many of the tasks that currently waste valuable time you could be spending elsewhere

  Optimize your online presence so that you’ll attract more of your ideal clients almost on auto-pilot

  Identify and eliminate the unnecessary ‘busy work’ and outsource wherever possible

When I contacted Sofia, I was overwhelmed, burnt out, and my business felt like a huge burden. I wanted her help to see if I could sell it or just shut it down. In less than a month she helped me gain a sense of control, create more free time and calm. My business is thriving now and I’m having fun.
Sarah King
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How we can work together

Custom 1:1

One to one custom coaching packages. You can choose between number of sessions, number of months or outcomes. We’ll customize it to fit your unique situation.

Laser Coaching

One year of unlimited 15-minute laser coaching calls. On each call, we agree on homework and you must complete your homework before you schedule your next call.


Spend a full day or weekend with me to completely revamp your business from the inside out. Get it done in a day! In person or virtual. One year support included.