Choosing from the heart vs head

I chose my first career from the heart…or rather stumbled into it so I didn’t appreciate what I had…

…and my second from the head.

I achieved success in both, but internally they felt very different. One was effortless, easy, fun, energizing…the other was hard work, stressful, draining…

I want to teach you how to build a meaningful business you love from the inside out so that you don’t have to work so hard and can have more fun.

What I learned from my two careers

In my first career in South Africa, I was a goldsmith and started my jewelry business with my super extroverted husband when I was 23.

I stumbled into the profession when my dad said I should look into becoming a goldsmith. It looked like fun so that’s what I became.

As more of an introvert, I was happy to be able to create jewelry in my workshop while I let my salesy husband deal with the customers.

But when we got divorced 6 years later, he did some crazy things that caused us to lose the house, the shop, and our income.  

Through a sheer miracle, I was able to save the store from the auction block 5 months later, after I’d already started working for someone else. 

Rebuilding from the inside out

Now that my salesy husband wasn’t there anymore, I had to do the selling – something I wasn’t fond of.

I wondered how I could rebuild the business to match my temperament and personal preferences. 

Below are some of the areas I looked at to figure out what kind of business I wanted to create for myself. 

This is a good starting point for you if you want to build from the inside out.

I eliminated everything that used up too much of my valuable time and energy and created a lean business by doing only the work I enjoyed for customers I loved. 

It was very successful…far more than in those first 6 years and best of all – it was effortless and my customers were very happy

Next…Amazing things happen when you align your business with your genius ➢ 

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