Your life leaves Clues

When you take the time to contemplate your own life, you should be able to notice a pattern… a thread even if it seems all jumbled up or unclear.

See what it is that you’re naturally drawn to over and over again.

What is it you just can’t help doing whether you get paid or not?

That’s your passion…your zone of genius.

Mine already showed up back in the 80’s when I taught my apprentices about entrepreneurship and the mindset they needed to achieve success.

It wasn’t a required part of their goldsmith training but I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted more for them.

“Sofia was a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her, working with her and having her as my boss. Her impeccable workmanship, integrity, and honesty helped her create one of the most successful jewelry businesses in our city.” Cathy of Catherine Zehrt Jewellers

Everything we go through can serve as a teacher…a guide.

If you want to go deeper into identifying your unique abilities and personal story so that you can start to build an amazing business around it, book a session now to get started. Book here

If you have questions, let’s have a quick chat or contact me through Messenger.

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