Ladies, take the...

3-Day Challenge

Find Your Unique Voice

Creating a meaningful business you love becomes effortless when you align it with who you are

When you build your business around your unique voice you'll:

  • Be doing what you love all day long
  • Attract perfect clients who love working with you
  • Sell your products and services with confidence
  • Feel calmer and more in control of your life
  • Have more influence and make a bigger impact
I just completed the 3 day "Find Your Unique Voice Challenge". For someone who has already done a ton of self-development work, I found this challenge very helpful in terms of putting together what I know about myself in a new way. The activity on Day 2 was totally new to me, and I discovered some new things about myself too! The assignments were not overwhelming and I enjoyed doing them. Sofia's simplicity and depth shined through the entire challenge.
Kathryn Andries

If you aren’t building your business around your uniqueness, you’re making it much harder for yourself than it needs to be. Sign up now and let’s change things!


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About Sofia Roper

Hi, I’m Sofia and I’d love to help you build a meaningful business you love from the inside out. That means that it all starts with YOU!

When you identify and then harness your inherent creative power, everything becomes simple.

This is what I’ve learned from my more than three decades of entrepreneurial, personal development, and coaching experience.

One of my greatest gifts is my ability to simplify anything and that’s my aim with this challenge…

…to help you connect with your unique voice as simply and quickly as possible. 

Your Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone

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