Your life leaves Clues

When you take the time to contemplate your own life, you should be able to notice a pattern… a thread even if it seems all jumbled up or unclear. See what it is that you’re naturally drawn to over and over again. What is it you just can’t help doing whether you get paid or […]

Courage and the inside out method

It may feel counter-intuitive to cut out some of your services and clients. “Won’t I be throwing out good money if I do this? ” you may be asking. But some amazing things happen when you align your business with your genius. Here are a few: You’ll be doing what you love all day long […]

Choosing from the heart vs head

I chose my first career from the heart…or rather stumbled into it so I didn’t appreciate what I had… …and my second from the head. I achieved success in both, but internally they felt very different. One was effortless, easy, fun, energizing…the other was hard work, stressful, draining… I want to teach you how to […]

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur and a woman

When you’re an entrepreneur and a woman, there’s a ridiculous number of things you’ve got to juggle. Before you even start – there’s your mindset, your beliefs, and your self-image to get right. Then you’ve got to figure out your branding and messaging. And your landing page, website, sales funnel and all your social media. […]