Sofia Roper

Austrian – South African – American

I’m a creator, teacher, perpetual learner, and entrepreneur.

Born in Austria, raised in South Africa.

Nicknamed The Tech Whisperer.

Able to simplify anything and everything.

After owning a jewelry business for 19 years and raising two kids, I intuitively felt that there was a new home for me somewhere in the world.

I didn’t know where it was and how I was going to get there, but I knew that it wasn’t just going to fall into my lap.

To find this new home I would first have to let go of my comfortable life in South Africa.

So that's what I did and set off into the sunset - or rather the Great Unknown - searching for Home.

Now the only reason I could do something so risky/scary/brave was because I'd been through a painful one of a kind experience that had transformed me. You'll find my story at WomenLivingFearlessly .

I found my new home in San Diego, California.

First practiced as a financial advisor, divorce financial planner, and life transition coach.

Then started a tech and web development business.

Finally combined all my expertise and experience into business coaching and consulting at RevampYourBiz.

In 2017 I moved to Knoxville Tennessee to be near my daughter and grandson - my only family in the US.

If you have a desire to create a life or business on your own terms, I'd love to help's my specialty.

Let's connect and have a chat!

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