Welcome to Simplicity

Hi, I’m Sofia. Business and Tech Coach helping women entrepreneurs rapidly go from busy and chaotic to calm and accomplished.

Welcome to Simplicity

Hi, I’m Sofia. Business and Tech Coach helping women entrepreneurs rapidly go from busy and chaotic to calm and accomplished.

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business strategy

We identify your natural skills, abilities, and temperament. Then build a highly focused strategy around it so you’ll have a thriving business that’s easy to manage and satisfying.

success mindset

With InsideOut coaching we eliminate the mental roadblocks that hold you back. You’ll gain clarity, control, and the confidence to build the lifestyle you desire.


When your tech is set up and used correctly, it makes life a lot easier. I’ll help you simplify, optimize, systematize, and erase the stress of navigating the digital and online world.

New Entrepreneur

Do you dream of having a business in which you create amazing work you’re proud of, work that solves a real problem and makes happy customers?

Have you thought of starting your own business but have no idea what steps to take, what strategies to put in place or how to attract a consistent flow of ideal clients?

Or perhaps you’ve had a business for a year and it’s just not working like you thought it would.

You know you’re destined for more but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

The foundation you build your business on can mean the difference between it being a grind or a joy. 

Start it right and you’ll have a meaningful business you love. 


Client Love

Starting up a new company is always daunting, but with Sofia’s help it was plain sailing. In her very professional manner, she pulled no punches when she said “keep it simple”. Simple it was, and simple works for us! If you’re looking for a person to take your business to the next level, Sofia is for you! She will definitely put you on the right path to success while emphasizing simplicity!
Steve Wisden
Sofia is a great coach - she is straightforward and funny. Love her no-nonsense coaching style! She's been my coach over the past several years through different transitions I've encountered. When I felt stuck or unclear about what to do she was able to quickly help me come to a grounded and clear thinking place. I would recommend her to anyone looking for growth in their life.
Theresa DeMarco
In a very short period of time, Sofia brought more structure and ease to my very busy life. She redesigned my old outdated website and taught me how to use technology effectively to make my life simpler. I no longer get overwhelmed and frustrated by it. She's very practical and I love her sense of humor. Her ability to simplify things is a real gift and I highly recommend her!
Debbie Ashton
Feldenkrais Practitioner

About Sofia

Austrian • South African • American

Entrepreneur, creator, teacher, author, and perpetual learner…with a world of experience…and a dry sense of humor.

Business Mentor and Strategist specializing in simplification, optimization, and breakthroughs.

I help my clients simplify their inner and outer ‘game’ so they can build a meaningful business and lifestyle they love from the inside out. 

You get the very best strategies I developed over 36 years as a business owner. Go to Business Revamp ➢

And my 28 years of personal development expertise so I can help you Master Your Inner Game ➢

Plus I’m a geek so I’ll help you with all things tech and web related. Discover the Wonderful World of Tech ➢

I have all your bases covered. シ

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