Life and Tech Coach


I will help make your life easier, simpler, and more enjoyable! As a teacher, mentor, and coach to the very core of my being, I desire nothing more than to be able to enhance your life - whether it's guiding you through the technology maze or through a life transition. This web page links to each of my businesses. Follow the one you are interested in. 


My Story

I have been a life-long mentor, teacher, and coach as well as a voracious student of life. I'm a lover of simplicity and have a gift for translating seemingly complex issues into easy-to-understand language.

I've had three main careers:

  • A jeweler (designer, goldsmith, business-owner, trainer) for 26 years
  • A financial advisor, divorce financial planner, and life transition coach
  • A tech coach, consultant, and web designer

I have a passion (and gift) for enhancing people's lives and hope I can be of service to you in the area where you need the most assistance.


Life Coaching

I will help you shift your mindset, get unstuck, and thrive without hard work and effort. I take a holistic approach to my coaching. We will work on your mindset, emotional state, and also the practicalities of your life.


Tech Coaching

Allow me to be your patient, understanding, tutor and guide through the technology maze. I will set up and simplify your computer, tablet, smartphone, software, and apps - all at your own pace, remotely and in person.

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My main focus is online safety and security. Receive info when a new online danger emerges. Current posts of scams at TechSavvy Sofia.

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I have free gifts available for releasing anxiety, creating harmonious relationships, and being smart when dealing with divorce.

  • "Sofia is the only tech I have met who makes entering the electronic age not only easy but fun - all done with warmth, good humor, incredible patience and an impressive intelligence. She is a rare gem!"


  • "Sofia is VERY Knowledgable! AVAILABLE – she is there when needed – responding in a timely manner. PATIENT! - amazingly so! She stays with your problem until it is solved and you understand it. INVALUABLE! One of a kind! Teacher, trouble-shooter, coach, mentor!" 


  • "Sofia inspires and motivates every time she opens her mouth. More than that, she has the kind of expertise and viewpoint that helps her clients make great strides in their lives."


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