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Hi, I'm Sofia.

I'll teach you how to un-complicate your life and thrive!

Sofia Roper

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My ability to simplify anything and everything is my superpower!

Over the course of my 35 years as a mentor, advisor, business owner, and teacher, I found the answers to life by digging deep into my most painful and challenging experiences. What I discovered was a pattern and an abundance of treasure. 

If your life or relationships seem complicated and you feel overwhelmed, I'll help you find the quickest, easiest, and simplest way to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

About Sofia Roper

Sofia is a great coach - she is straightforward and funny and will help you get over yourself in a heartbeat! Love her no-nonsense coaching style! She's been my coach over the past several years through different transitions I've encountered in my life. When I felt stuck or unclear about what to do she was able to quickly help me come to a grounded and clear thinking place. It was then easy to discern how to go forward. I would recommend her to anyone looking for growth and real change in their life.

mary t

Mary T

Sofia has brought more peace and structure to my very busy life. She's helped me make a mindset shift that's had some wonderful results. I started clearing out stuff from my home and simplified my tech. I've subsequently found valuable possessions that I thought had been lost. She's extremely practical, has a great sense of humor, and makes things that seem overwhelming, simple and easy to manage. With her many different skills, she's definitely a one-stop-simplicity-shop!

debbie a

Debbie A

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