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Client Love!

"Sofia is the only tech I have met who makes entering the electronic age not only easy but fun - all done with warmth, good humor, incredible patience and an impressive intelligence. She is a rare gem!"

Barbara Feinstein

"Sofia is a gem! We asked her to create a website for our vacation rental and, barely a week later, we have one. She is extremely responsive and very creative. We like her entrepreneurial spirit and hope to work with her again soon."

Michael Corcoran

“Sofia – VERY Knowledgeable! AVAILABLE! – she is there when needed – responding in a timely manner. PATIENT! - amazingly so! INVALUABLE! One of a kind! Teacher, trouble-shooter, coach, mentor!

Joan Schaeffer

Our services include setup of apps on various
devices, problem-solving issues, and tutoring. We work both on-site and remotely.

We create websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate. All our sites are responsive on various mobile devices.


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