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Ease, Clarity


Welcome to


Ease , Clarity


Hello Ease. Goodbye Struggle.

  • Does it feel like you're working hard but not getting anywhere?
  • Are you juggling too many things leaving you feeling tired and exhausted?
  • Do you want to have more clarity, calm, control, and contentment?

Then it's time to simplify, Prioritize, Optimize!

Women Entrepreneurs

I teach passionate women entrepreneurs how to build a meaningful business they love from the inside out.

InsideOut Coaching

I teach individuals how to gain clarity, control, confidence, and harness their inherent creative power to build the life they want.

Tech and Web 


I'll help simplify, set up and eliminate the stress of navigating the digital and online world. Special service for seniors.

Radical Business Revamp

Helping entrepreneurs revamp their business from the inside out so they make a profit while having more free time and fun.

Hi, I'm Sofia

Austrian • South African • American

Creator, teacher, entrepreneur, tech whiz, and perpetual learner...with a world of experience.

I help my clients simplify their inner and outer 'game' so they can build meaningful businesses and lifestyles they love from the inside out. 

You get my very best strategies developed over 36 years as a business owner as well as my 28 years of personal development expertise.

And I'm a geek so I'll help you with all things tech and web related. I have all your bases covered. シ

Let me know if there's anything I can do for you. I'd love to connect!

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